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11 to 15 of 15 Digital Marketing Myth Revealed

Here we are on the last list of debunking Digital Marketing Myth, so let's continue.

Myth .11: You Can’t Afford To Purchase Big Head Terms On SEM In case your staff is doing its job, you know the individuals who've been to your website.

With search re-targeting, you can purchase head terms for just those users -- who will usually be more familiar with your brand and for this reason closer to conversion.

Myth .12: Attribution Is Overwhelming Attribution technology is overpowering. Attribution options (last click click, Time Delay, game theory and so forth) could be overpowering.

But there’s a lot you can accomplish simply by setting up conversion pixels and Google Analytics accounts correctly -- and if you’re a Business-to-business, ensuring your Customer relationship management is integrated with your advertising efforts. (There’s a wealth of information out there on attribution, yet this post by Google’s Avinash Kaushik is a good place to start.)

Myth .13: Last-Click Attribution Is Best It ’s certainly the easiest to track, but last-click attribution gives excessive weight to direct-response channels (SEM, Facebook) and totally devalues upper-funnel channels that introduced you to consumers in the first place.

You can make an argument for (or against) some attribution models, however should you proceed with last-click attribution, ensure you've some proxies to gauge the value of your upstream channels -- otherwise, you risk cutting off the stream of detection and decreasing the funnel .

Myth .14: Folks Don’t Convert On Mobile Individuals are far less inclined to go through a lengthy checkout procedure and fill out those very small areas on their mobile cellphones. If you’re asking them to replicate the desktop process on their mobile cellphones, you’re aiming for the wrong conversions.

Make your mobile Business-to-business forms simpler. Ask your mobile ecommerce users to sign up for coupons they could utilize on desktop sites.

Focus SEM mobile advertisements on telephone calls. Offer cross-device shopping cart integration.

(All this and much more is a wonderful way of saying that if people aren’t converting on mobile, it’s not the telephone that’s .)

Myth .15: Re-targeting Is Creepy Yes, it may verge on creepy if you dismiss best practices. But done right, re-targeting (or re-marketing, as Google calls it) only re-engages individuals who're already familiar with your brand.

There are a lot more myths (believe me!) Out there, but these are the ones we strike the most. What have you heard (and debunked) on your digital business?

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