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6 to 10 of 15 Digital Marketing Myth

You probably already read my previous article about Digital Online Marketing Myth, so lets continue to uncover it.

  • Myth .6: Negative Comments On Social Are Bad For Business

We hear this a lot, and its completely untrue. Legitimate client concerns around your service or product should be addressed head-on and considered golden chances for education and for allowing your client support to shine.

Don't hide legitimate concerns or remarks; instead, give a very thoughtful response with the option to call or email client support for further assistance, and ensure someone is following up internally to solve those issues before they become widespread.

And remember: The more you spend in your brand on social and grow your presence, the more brand loyalists and evangelists will come to your rescue and defend your brand to the naysayers.

Can it be emotionally difficult to see critical feedback? It's. But you may turn it into a useful source of information and goodwill for your company.

  • Myth.7: Once You've Done A Cycle Of Creative Testing, You're Done Testing is never done. You should continuously be iterating on your pages, no matter how amazing the initial wave of results could have been. But remember that your testing should be based on a hypothesis; don't just test for the sake of testing.

  • Myth.8: You Should Constantly Be Redesigning Your Pages/Site Constantly redesigning? No, not necessarily. However, to the point above, you have to test continuously whether you should redesign. If you do want to redesign, ensure you've the results to back up the decision.

  • Myth.9: All Spiritual Needs To Be Flawless The axiom never allow the perfect get in the way of the good is wisdom you should live by where creative is concerned. Get it good, then test it. Don't lose time; get data.

  • Myth .10: SEM Is Not Good For Branding Its true that a station based on intent isn't the best choice to get new customers; should they haven't heard about you, they wont search for you. Nevertheless, bidding on competitor terms is completely fair game, and there are strategies to make big non brand head terms cheaper than you think. (Well get to that in a second.) Beyond all that, SEM is critical in preserving brand reputation; you can strengthen brand messaging and keep your competitors at bay by judgment the SERPs for your brand terms, for example.

Now, about these head terms...

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