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Evolution Of Website Development

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

The web development industry is going through a thrilling phase as top notch state of the art technology are available together with various tools, resources and continuously improving trends that are contributing in making the overall work on web development much efficient, quick, productive and even more important enjoyable. The change looks very promising and thrilling for future. Lets find out numerous reasons for it and also how a web development is evolving. Mobile devices and smartphones hold up a huge market share. Web developers are making efforts to develop web sites and applications that can give mobile users best experience and with that one major factor is that it's resulted in the increase in single page web applications.

Web visitors on cellular devices are getting used to accessing smooth, fast, creative and user friendly websites. This latest trend of single page web site offers great benefits like fast loading, quick server response and the page may also work off line. There are various Front end Frameworks available which may be used like Bootstrap, Foundation etc. Which helps in fast and simple development of prototype and creatively brilliant front end of the web sites fulfilling the fundamentals of latest web development requirements. From the design and layout viewpoint a slight concerning factor is to give different feel and look as many single page web sites are found to be adopting comparable layout structure.

Evolution Of Website Development

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