• Jeffry Rahatama

Why Digital Marketing Plan is Important.

1. A digital marketing plan is a road-map to better marketing that lists your goals, actions you need to take, channels you'l use, and people who'll be involved.

2. It can help you be proactive with your marketing goals and see what about your digital marketing is working and what needs to change.

3. Your website can help you achieve your goals if you optimize it for mobile, test the UX, and use keywords that will improve your SEO.

Digify providing full service of digital marketing from planning to execution , we love to hear story about your business needs and and have a productive talks on how to achieve your goal through digital platform.

Our Full Digital Service consist of

  1. Mapping your business requirement

  2. Creating specific solution base on your niche business

  3. Implement the solution with our tools

  4. Making necessary programming development that fits the requirement

With integrated service we are making sure all our client requirement are being planned and execute perfectly.

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