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Website Price Calculator – Find Out the Cost of Building Your Website Now

Simplify Your Budget Planning with Our Website Pricing Calculator

Website development and maintenance, advertising optimization, and social media management are significant investments! A digital channel consists of many variables, namely design, programming, and others which make it complicated to calculate the variable costs one by one.

Therefore, we created a price calculator that you can use to calculate your website investment, advertising, maintenance and social media management.
*This price is flexible and please contact our sales for further explanation

Setup and Develop Setting Up and Configuring a Website Using a Simple WordPress Template
Developing a Website with Additional Features (e.g., Blog or Gallery)
Developing a Website with Comprehensive Features (e.g., Blog, Gallery, and E-commerce Integration)
Developing a Website with Custom Features and Exclusive Design

Template Choosing and Installing an Affordable WordPress Templates
WordPress Templates with Additional Features
WordPress Templates with Comprehensive Features
Custom WordPress Templates and Exclusive Designs

Hosting Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting with Larger Capacity
VPS or Cloud Hosting with Greater Bandwidth
VPS or Cloud Hosting with Larger Capacity, Bandwidth, and Higher Performance

Domain Standard Domains (.com, .net, .org) for 1 Year
Premium Domains (.com, .net, .org, or Specialty Domains) Registration for 1 Year

Technical Support Basic Technical Support via Email or Phone During Business Hours
Intermediate Technical Support via Email, Phone, and Chat During Business Hours
Advanced Technical Support via Email, Phone, Chat, and Remote Assistance During Business Hours
Expert Technical Support via Email, Phone, Chat, Remote Assistance, and Priority Support During Business Hours

Ads Basic Ad Management (Google Ads or Facebook Ads)
Intermediate Ad Management (Google Ads and Facebook Ads) On-page and Off-page SEO Optimization
Advanced Ad Management (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads)
Expert Ad Management (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and LinkedIn Ads)

SEO Basic On-page SEO Optimization
On-page, Off-page, and Technical SEO Optimization
On-page, Off-page, Technical, and Continuous SEO Optimization

Content Basic Content Creation (1 Article/Blog per Month)
Intermediate Content Creation (2 Articles/Blogs per Month)
Advanced Content Creation (4 Articles/Blogs per Month)
Premium Content Creation (6 Articles/Blogs per Month)

Social Media Social Media Management (1 Platform, 4 Posts per Month)
Social Media Management (2 Platforms, 8 Posts per Month)
Social Media Management (3 Platforms, 12 Posts per Month)
Social Media Management (4 Platforms, 16 Posts per Month)

Your investment:
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Features of Our Calculator

Design Price Estimation:
Design is a crucial aspect of any website. It influences how visitors perceive your brand. Our calculator takes into consideration various design elements, from logos to layouts, to provide a comprehensive price estimate.

Front-end and Back-end Development Costs:
Both the appearance and functionality of a website are two sides of the same coin. Our calculator breaks down the development costs into front-end and back-end, allowing you to plan your budget more effectively.

Additional Options Like SEO, Digital Marketing, etc.:
Your website needs more than just design and development; it also requires an effective marketing strategy. Our calculator includes options for SEO, digital marketing, and other strategies that can help you reach a broader audience.

Why Choose Our Calculator?

Accurate and Reliable:
The algorithm of our calculator is developed by a team of experts with experience in various aspects of website creation. This ensures that the price estimate you receive is accurate and reliable.

Real-time Price Updates:
The costs of materials and services are constantly changing. Our calculator is always updated to reflect these changes, providing you with an always up-to-date estimate.

Comprehensive Feature Options:
From e-commerce to personal blogs, our calculator offers a wide range of feature options, allowing you to tailor the estimate to your specific needs.

With all these features, our website pricing calculator is an invaluable tool for anyone planning to build or renovate a website. This tool not only helps you plan your budget better but also gives you a competitive edge by ensuring that you get value for money.

Start Planning Your Budget Easier Today

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Use our website pricing calculator today to make your financial planning easier and more efficient.

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