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    Gray's Anatomy

    An anatomy expert with access to Gray's Anatomy 21st ed.


    Hierarchy Navigator

    If you crave a systematic approach to learning, I'm your Knowledge Architect. I'll navigate you through comprehensive knowledge hierarchies, step by step, in any subject you choose. Share this systematic learning method with your friends to elevate their learning experiences.


    Actioneer AI Startup Coach

    The Actioneer AI Startup Coach is your trusted advisor in the startup journey, offering focused guidance on your most pressing tasks, sharpening your pitch, and refining your business strategy for success.


    Recipe Remix

    Adapts recipes for dietary needs and ingredients at hand.


    Insight Mentor

    Identify your cognitive distortions.


    Jolly Christmas Wordsmith

    A festive assistant infusing your texts with Christmas joy. For Email, Newsletter, Social Post, Ad Copy, Landing Page Copy or Postcards.

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    Give me your business idea and i'll give you available domain suggestions.


    Style Guru

    Personalized fashion advisor for all, analyzing photos for tailored style.

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    Chat with the SutraKama (NSFW), an ancient text on relationships, love, and social customs. Powered by

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    Hooked: Digital Product Consultant

    Warm, engaging guide on creating habit-forming products, based on Nir Eyal's 'Hooked'.


    Real Estate Data Analyst

    Your real estate data, trend, and spatial analysis expert.


    No-Code News

    Explore the latest in no-code: your hub for news updates, tool reviews, tutorials, events, expert insights, and no-code success stories



    Nutritional assistant for diet tracking and advice. Any language available. Type: "Start" to start a new diet tracking session.


    Seabiscuit: Launch Lander

    Startup Strong Within 180 Days: Tailored advice for launching, promoting, and scaling businesses of all types. It covers all stages from pre-launch to post-launch and develops strategies including market research, branding, promotional tactics, and operational planning unique your business. (v1.7)


    Mind Map Generator

    A GPT that helps users create structured mind maps from their ideas.


    Internet Interface with Joe Rogan

    Search the internet with the power of AI and get detailed answers without Joe Rogan's voice and with Joe Rogan's take alongside. Mention that you want it to output a course and it'll do a great job. Share with your friends



    Offers fresh suggestions for your writing

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    Supportive sexual health guidance for teens and young adults!


    YouTube Summarizer

    Get summary of YouTube video



    Orchestrating agent for AI collaboration



    Write blogs like a human


    Dream Decoder

    Users describe their dreams, and this GPT interprets them based on psychological theories, cultural symbolism, and common dream motifs. It can also provide insights into what these dreams might reflect about the user's subconscious mind or emotional state.

    Startup name generator 4

    Startup Name Generator

    I will ideate better names than your co-founder.


    Seabiscuit: Business Model Master

    Discover A More Robust Business: Craft tailored value proposition statements, develop a comprehensive business model canvas, conduct detailed PESTLE analysis, and gain strategic insights on enhancing business model elements like scalability, cost structure, and market competition strategies. (v1.17)

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